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Changing color: Hair, Eyes, Clothes
Author: kromefx | Category:Color | Level:Intermediate | 12/11/2004
Rounded Corners
Author: kromefx | Category:Basics | Level:Beginner | 11/24/2004

Complete Web Page Plus Code by kromefx
This tutorial takes you from the initial setup and design of a web site, all the way through producing W3C validated CSS and XHTML 1.0 for layout, while leaving room for integrating your own designs and color schemes. The .PSD is also available for download as well as the code.
Views:318,262 | Category:Web Layouts | Level:Intermediate | 12/9/2005

Changing color: Hair, Eyes, Clothes by kromefx
Change the color of hair, eyes, clothes and even cats in 4 easy steps! Very realistic, very easy.
Views:262,667 | Category:Color | Level:Intermediate | 12/11/2004

Removing Hair Roots by Klaatu
Here is a fairly straight-forward method for removing hair roots that takes mere seconds to accomplish.
Views:204,529 | Category:Photo Retouch | Level:Beginner | 2/1/2005

Vector Sunrays by JoeD
Learn how to make some quick sunrays using vectors, and how to create some interesting geometrical patterns.
Views:134,870 | Category:Designing | Level:Intermediate | 2/6/2005

The Incredible Pen Tool by kromefx
A lot of tutorials tell you to use the pen tool; this one will show you HOW to use the pen tool. Creating true vector shapes, partial pixel selections, curvature modification, and saved paths are just some of its features.
Views:109,866 | Category:Basics | Level:Beginner | 12/19/2004

Adding Water to a Picture by kromefx
Add water to a picture. Works well in landscape type pictures.
Views:86,461 | Category:Designing | Level:Intermediate | 2/4/2005

Shiny 3D Dice by kromefx
Try your luck at creating some realistic dice.
Views:66,961 | Category:Designing | Level:Advanced | 11/24/2004

Making a Anti-Terrorism Poster by papu123
Hi, I was thinking of writing some tutorial that deals with grunge, darkness, horror. Then I come up with an idea of making a poster against Terrorism.
Views:66,617 | Category:Photo Effects | Level:Intermediate | 2/28/2006

Rounded Corners by kromefx
Create easy, flexible rounded corners with one of Photoshop's most neglected tools.
Views:65,327 | Category:Basics | Level:Beginner | 11/24/2004

Lens Flare on Transparent Background by kromefx
Make a lens flare on a transparent background. This allows you to play with blending modes, positioning, colorizing and more to come up with a very nice (and unique) effect.
Views:61,494 | Category:Effects | Level:Beginner | 1/16/2005

Creating Real Logos by kromefx
At some point in your career you will need to create a logo for a real company. Here are guidelines for creating real logos.
Views:60,747 | Category:Designing | Level:Beginner | 12/1/2004

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